The pilot episode: joyrides and Belgium

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Exciting news: the first episode of The Vintage Pilot School is now available! Listen below, download for later, find it on Spotify or subscribe to the RSS feed

Joyrides in the forties

It’s finally happened: the first episode of the podcast that will document my flying journey.

Over the next few months, I will be fulfilling a childhood dream of mine that had been on the backburner for a few years: obtaining a pilot’s licence for light aeroplanes.

To add a bit of extra challenge to the narrative, I will try to make it as far as possible in the process using a 1940s RAF guidebook, written by the late Nigel Tangye. The first episode already provides a bit of background info on how this came about and talks about the pleasures of joyriding planes. I have already received plenty of questions on my motivation behind this decision, and will be addressing these in a longer blogpost in the coming few days. For now, enjoy! You can also follow the podcast on the Vintage Pilot School Facebook page, to make sure you never miss any updates.


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