Thomas Montecruz


(By Thomas Montecruz, in third person)

Thomas grew up watching the stars and devouring any text he could get his hands on: from cereal packaging to washing machine manuals. After degrees in translation, communications and business, he perfected his craft in the UK and Belgium. Old-fashioned writing, translations and digital-optimised copy are his bread and butter. He has a ridiculously wide range of interests and is a proud NBA aficionado and aspiring amateur triathlete. He also flies small, noisy aircraft from time to time.



Thomas has been writing in his native Dutch ever since he learned to hold a pen. He later transitioned to keyboards, to much relief of his readers and himself.

Digital content and copy

After three years at digital agencies, Thomas knows the tricks of the trade when it comes to digital copy.

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Thomas's last name. Too difficult to spell.


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